All Gears of War 3 Beta Unlockables Revealed

flaming lancer

As we mentioned previously, not only will participating in the Gears of War 3 Beta give you an early preview of the game, but it will also afford you the opportunity of unlocking several special items that can only be unlocked in the beta.  We’ve revealed a couple of them already, but now we’re back with the complete list.

Without further adieu…

Beta Tester Medal – Simply participating in a single match of the beta will unlock this medal.  In the full game, it will be displayed in the Gears 3 multiplayer lobby to let everyone know that you helped beta test.

Thrashball Cole – To unlock the Thrashball Cole skin, simply play 50 matches in the beta.  Once you’ve unlocked the skin, play 10 more matches using the skin to have it carry over to the full game.  If you do not play these 10 additional matches, you’ll lose the skin when the beta ends.

Gold Retro Lancer – Similar to the Cole skin, you unlock the Gold Retro lancer by playing 90 matches in the beta.  Once unlocked, you must then get 100 kills using the Gold Retro Lancer to have it carry over to the full game.  If you do not get 100 kills with it, you’ll lose it when the beta ends.

Flaming Hammerburst – To unlock the flaming Hammerburst, simply play and complete one Gears 3 beta match by April 24th.  This means you can only unlock the Flaming Hammerburst if you got early entry to the beta by purchasing Bulletstorm.

Flaming Lancer – To unlock the flaming Lancer, simply play and complete one Gears 3 beta match between April 25th and May 1st.

Flaming Sawed-Off Shotty- Complete one match between May 2nd and May 8th

Flaming Gnasher Shotty – Complete one match between May 9th and May 15th

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124 Responses to “All Gears of War 3 Beta Unlockables Revealed”

  1. Seb says:

    Does anybody know what this exactly means:

    “Once unlocked, you must then get 100 kills using the Gold Retro Lancer to have it carry over to the full game”

    I mean, do I have to play the 90 matches and afterwards make 100 kills wihtout changing to any other weapon?

    • vcize says:

      After you play 90 matches you will unlock the gold retro lancer in the beta.

      Then, you must get 100 kills using the gold retro lancer (in the beta) to unlock it in the full game. These 100 kills do not have to be consecutive or anything, you just have to get 100 total kills with the retro gold lancer.

    • DeadlyG25 says:

      wow man pretty stupid question it means play 90 matches and then get the kills before the beta ends to have the gun in the full game

    • staiker1 says:

      techinally yes and no, you can use any weapon other than th golden retro lancer, buut u half 2 make 100 killz wif it. my addvice, use any weapon u want and when ther on th floor switch 2 th golden retro lancer finish them off:} easy way 2 bring over 2 th full game. buut just 2 ket u kno my method might not work

  2. Jake says:

    this looks amazeing cant wait to play trenches im gonna try and unlock evreything expect the hammerburst of coarse i dont get that becase i dident buy bulletstorm :D

  3. The Metal says:

    Man, I can’t wait for Gears 3! Got mine pre ordered, so I’m gonna be playing my ass off on the Beta between April 25th and May 15th… I want all the unlockables! While the MP will be bad ass, I’m sure, Gears is one of the few games that has has me hooked more for the story than the MP. Can’t say nearly as much for COD. And COD won’t let ya saw monsters to bloody shreds, so there’s another plus. ;)

  4. Brandon says:

    Can we unlock the flaming weapons in the actual game not just the golden retro lancer?

    • Josh says:

      All of the weapons it listed above transfer over to the full game

    • xicLegacYcix says:

      you could only get the gold retro lancer and the flaming guns if u have the beta only. when the real game comes out it will be transfered. you cannot got none of what is above in the actual game.

  5. Dean says:

    Do we also get early access to the beta by pre ordering the Gears 3 ?

    • Raanhell says:

      People who got bulletstorm get the beta early, people who pre-ordered get it the 25th, those are the only people who get to play the beta

      • commops106 says:

        Yeah the reason they did that was because BULLETSTORM was a filler game before GEARS 3 came out. Game is horrible wasn’t worth buying in my opinion, I guess they figured they would sell alot more copies to die hard gear fans!!!

  6. Joseph Crew says:

    anybody up for boosting unlockable weapon kills??

    • wal doe says:

      hell yes!!
      lets boost!!!

      • Adam says:

        Really? Why dont people earn anything legit any more, its not that hard to get the retro lancer gold, just do it yourself. If you want to boost, go play COD

        • Adam says:

          Yeah seriously it’s easy to get 100 kills like have some skill
          And do it the old fashioned way. I am.

          • Jack says:

            yea especially since the retro lancer is ridiculous at close range. 100 kills will only take you a couple of hours

        • killrninja says:

          srsly i just got it today after only playing the beta for a few days, everything legit. only thing that’s annoying is that newbs jump in front of your hail of bullets and gank your kills just as you down em at least twice per round. that and hosts still have a serious advantage sometimes when it comes to bullet lag. and stopping power on the automatic weps could use some decreasing as well as the range on that gnasher(its only one dot more than the SO yet it can down someone across a map in 3 shots)other than that the games pretty solid and fun as hell! the executions are sweet and the game feels very balanced for the most part.

          p.s. typing in caps really gets the point across, keep it up…

      • LMAo says:

        whats your GT? oh hmm send me it over MSN email you don want anyone knowing your gt and file complaining you know what i mean i like to get the gold retro lancer anyone else REPLY

      • Joseph Crew says:

        If you still want to boost for the gold retro lancer, send me a friend request on xbox live my gamertag is METALGAMER8, be sure to let me know you want to do this so I know you’re not just a random ok. peace out

    • ll rester ll says:

      hell yh, i want the golden lancer and cole so bad so sure, send me a request on XBL. but i didnt get bulletstorm ok

      • Felix says:

        While i disagree with what your doing i will not do anything to stop it cause thats just who you people are

      • ballbagchin76 says:

        go boost ur mum u fag ppl like u shundt play xbox tosser!!!!!

        • The Sire RBM says:

          boosting is gay if you people are so much garbage that you cant get 100 kills in a few weeks then you should not be playing this game in tha first place……I don’t need to boost I beast my name is my gamertag so hit me up if you wanna get it done legitimately. I’m Out…….

      • Ian says:

        dude if you need to boost to get 100 kills then your too lame to deserve it. The skin on your gun will not look as epic when you only see it on a noob’s fragmented corpse…

        • Ian says:

          And seriously, i haven’t played gears for a few months, and in the first hour of playing the beta i have like 50 retro lancer kills.

    • Mike says:

      Add fastestmoose… If i can’t get the weapons legit ill boost with ya :D

      • Joseph Crew says:

        I sent you a friend request on xbox live, my gamertag is METALGAMER8 please accept the request so we can get this weapon together

    • bherfomet says:

      seriously U WANT TO BOOST IN A BETA omfg u moron if u cant get it then u suck and its ur fault. if u wanna boost go back to cod u moron. dont need u ruining this game too.

  7. Dan says:

    i have 2 questions on the 100 kills for the golden lancer

    1- when getting the 100 kills for the golden lancer, does shooting an enemy until they are downed and then executing them (like curbstopping there face) count as kills, or do you have to kill them with the golden lancer by using the bayonet when they are down. (NOTE: this is for matches like execution)

    2- when getting the 100 kills for the golden lancer, does horde count. I mean it is a multiplayer game mode, so does killing the locust horde (in multiplayer mode) count towards the 100 kills for the golden lancer. (SUPER NOTE:reply back fast because the second is the most important)

    • vcize says:

      1. I don’t think anyone knows the answer to this yet. If it works the same way as the Gears 1 weapon achievements did, you’d actually have to kill the person (not down them) by shooting them with the weapon. Of course, most people thought that way of tracking it sucked so the chances that they’ve changed that are high.

      2. I don’t believe horde will be playable in the beta.

  8. Dan says:

    oh and everybody who pre orders GoW 3 gets to unlock the beta when the beta comes out which is April 25th

  9. Dan says:

    thanks for the info, but if horde was in the beta man i would be so happy.

  10. theman says:

    dude i was having sex with my girl last night and i screamed gears of war beta here i come!!!

  11. Dan says:

    ah i have another question. for the beta to be unlocked you get the code from the pre-order. then what. do we download the beta from xbox live, do we buy a disk. oh and if it is a download from xbox live how much memory will i take up.

  12. Dan says:

    thanks again

  13. Dan says:

    this game is sweet ive been checking up on it at the gears site,, and other places to. If only they would add a golden longshot or a flamethrower that shoots blue flames to the game (you know like an ingame unlock so people who didnt get the beta get some awesome stuff. and you could make it just for people who didnt have the beta. so like if you have an unlock from the beta like any of the flaming guns then you cant unlock the golden longshot or blue fire flamethrower.) Im just saying this because many of my friends on xbox live cant get the beta. oh yeah and about the golden lancer, ive read that the bayonet and chainsaw are interchangable with the regular lancer, is that also true for the golden lancer?

    • vcize says:

      The bayonet and chainsaw aren’t interchangeable on the retro lancer. I think you probably misunderstood someone when they said your starting weapon is interchangeable, and can be changed between the retro lancer (which has the bayonet) and the regular lancer (which has the chainsaw).

    • Raanhell says:

      That would be kind of unfair to the people who took the extra step and bought bulletstorm or pre-ordered GoW 3 wouldn’t it? Also, remember that the point of a beta is to get as many people as possible to play the game as much as they can, so that the makers of the game can fix any bugs and make any balance changes they need to make before the launch of the full game. So, if they offer special items to only people that didn’t play the beta, they run the risk of what is basically losing playtesters. Also, I’ve come to understand that there will be skins that Everyone can use.

  14. vinny says:

    two questions 1st. i want to know what characters are in the beta. second do you have to kill with the 90 kills without an exacution or with

    • vinny says:

      i don’t know

      • Dan says:

        well unfortunantely i have no idea about how you can get the 100 kills to get the GRL. (you play 90 games get the golden retro lancer (GRL) and then get 100 kills with it to unlock it in the actual game)

        i recommend that you (vinny) and everyone else who wants fast kills and games to unlock the GRL fast is to follow this guide right down here.

        For the 90 games

        -Play Warzone (executions are not needed and games are fast)

        -Play Wingman (wingman is really fast because so many people are against one another making games fast and short)

        For the 100 kills (with the GRL)

        -Play Annex (Annex is great, because everyone has infinite lives and kills can be numerous)

        -Play Guardian (if Annex is not fun, guardian will be, infinite lives as long as leader is alive, HINT: camp with your leader, hide behind a corner and just bayonet or shoot down enemies trying to get to your leader, easy kills)

        -Team Deathmatch (fast paced, 20 team lives, and a whole lot of kills. i wouldnt play this, since there are only 20 lives, but if you believe youve got what it takes go for it.)

        -Warzone (This should be your last choice for kills. you only get one life and kills can be hard to get with team kill stealers and shottys being the primary weapon for this game mode, i only put it in here because executions are not needed so you can down a player and shoot them dead)

        Well thats it, hope my advice helps and good luck.

        *This would be an awesome dialogue line when you snipe someone.*

        “If you find yourself spouting blood from the stump of you head then i just shot you in the face”

        • Abeman says:

          Dan, last night I was only able to play Team Death Match. A lot of the beta unlockables are thru other game modes…is there a menu to select different modes I’m missing?

  15. Allison says:

    Can’t wait for the Beta. With everything I’ve been hearing, it’ll be an amazing taste of the actual game.

  16. Don says:

    Im disapointed in every single one of you who want to BOOST. TY For blowing that info out there so here my comment. You guys are just sad, cant get 100 kills with lancet and u cant play 100 games!!!!…. When i see u boosting (trust me ill will look for you!) i will kill u and prevent u from boosting and report To gears of war creaters or microsoft. And tell them about this tacktic of yours. They will gladly do 1 of 2 things sence ur trying to defeat the purpose if this being a challange! Make u have to get 10,000 kills to get that(Not realy that many just alot more)or, lol and lastly my favorit, Ban you from getting it perminetly or restrict ur xbox from using multiplayer FOR LIFE!!! This is no joke my freind tryed boosting on every game(reach,COD)from useing multiplayer. Even if you make a new account, the effects are still stuck with you! Now from that im going to say this game is supremly going to be the best game out there and! WHY DOES THE BETA HAVE TO END!!!! :…( LOL SEE YOU ON THE FEILD CHEETERS!!!

    • Josh says:

      I agree that boosting in the beta is a waste of time, but nothing will happen to them. If anything the developers will notice the pattern and use it to hinder the boosting process in the full release. Plus its a beta, so technically they’ll be running the same actions over and over which raises the chances of them finding potential bugs.

      Stop trying to police the actions of random people in a game or on the internet and enjoy it. If everyone is like you when the beta comes out it’ll ruin the experience cause all everyone will hear is “I’M GONNA REPORT YOU!!! BLAH BLAH BLAH!!”

  17. Dan says:

    my bad on the huge reply

  18. Kyle says:

    I think that everyone who is a LEGIT Level 100 in Gears of War 2 should recieve a “Golden” gun. Also, are these “Flaming” weapons just for the Beta to unlock? Or can you do these challenges to unlock it for Gears of Wars 3?

  19. voxzakto says:

    someone add my gamertag so we can boost ((voxzakto))

  20. jake says:

    Somebody please tell me, do the flaming weapons carry over to the actual game? please please please someone tell me they do.

  21. Dan says:

    okay first kyle the flaming weapons “for now” are only unlockable by playing the beta they may change it they may not they havent told us yet. the reason why the legit gears of war 2 ranked 100 should not recieve a golden gun is because of not only the game server being connected to host, but also because someone can be level 100 just by playing horde.

    okay jake yes the flaming weapons are carried over to the actual game. just play a match during the week it says you are supposed to at the top and you will keep them forever.

    The Golden Lancer however is a little bit harder, once you unlock it (play 90 games in the beta) you then have to get 100 kills with it for it to be carried over to the actual game. (it is still not known whether or not downing an enemy with the Golden Lancer and then curb stopping them or using them as a meat shield counts towards the 100 kills)

  22. jesusandthepope says:

    send me a message and friend request if you wanna boost for kills for golden lancer my gt is jesusandthepope I will also play legit with people just don’t wanna spend more than 100 hours playing this I have work lol.

  23. Younesbejammin says:

    yoo this is too il, when can we download it? becuz i wanna download it ahead of time and be pre-paired on the 25th, i didnt buy bulletstorm, i pre-ordered gears instead

    • Josh says:

      You can’t download it early.

      Gears 3 pre-orders download it on the 25th.

      Epic Edition Bulletstorm owners start on the 18th.

  24. lydell says:

    question on the flamming camos. i want the flamming gnasher but im not understanding how to get it, when it says Complete one match between May 9th and May 15th do you have to play that whole week or just play of of those days to get it? also does the flamming camos transfer to gears of war 3 when it officially comes out? some one help please

    • Pete says:

      You just have to complete one game between May 9th and May 15th. As for the flaming camos, yes they transfer to the regular game.

  25. Savage Walther says:

    About the Flaming weapons, when you unlock them, I already know that they transfer to the retail version, but can you also use them in the beta, and why isn’t there a flaming retro lancer thrown into that list, because gold is cool and all, but in gears 2, the golden lancer was basically a becon saying, “Hey you, blast my fuckin’ dome ’cause I love the crimson colors.” I would much rather have a flaming retro lancer than have another “kill-me” becon.

    BTW: need a good team, gamertag is – Savage Walther
    – I have Bulletstorm so I can play starting 4/18 instead of 4/25
    – Leave a message via Xbox live, that way I know it’s for Gears 3 and not some random friend request….and yes, unfortunately I do get those

  26. Dan says:

    yeah walther you can use the flaming weapons in the beta it would be pointless to unlock them and not be able to try them out. you do know that the flaming lancer flashes orange and is just as easy to see as the gold. I do agree with the bayonet thing, but i would like the golden lancer have the chainsaw while the flaming lancer have the bayonet.

  27. MrNinnymuggins8 says:

    I wanna boost for skins. hit me up on live. gtag Mrninnymuggins8

  28. Justin says:

    I wonder if there will be some type of ticker, like a few of the achs in 2, that will keep you updated on ur progress toward the 100 kills. Itd Suck to get up to 95 kills by the end of beta and not get it.

    • BIGGZ says:

      I believe that there will be a ticker to help you know how far you are in getting your 100 kills with the retro lancer. if you watch the video on the link below you can see at 2:30 into the video, after a bayonet kill, a ticker apears showing them their kills with that weapon. if the link doesnt work, copy and paste it.

  29. Savage Walther says:

    True that Dan, but the reason why I wonder is I like the flaming weapon idea, But why not for all of the standard primary/secondary weapons, and yeah I do realize they are a bit similar when giving away your position, but the golden gun idea is so over used in next-gen games now, whereas the flaming weapon and have seen beta previews with the flaming weapons, (the flames actually move) is just a bit more original, so whats the problem with adding ONE more weapon?

  30. Dan says:

    none. i just stated the facts. What i would have wanted was to be able to have the golden lancer or flaming lancer and being able to switch between the bayonet and chainsaw on the same weapon.

    • korro says:

      I don’t think that would be very practical. The lancer has the chainsaw and the retro-lancer has the bayonet for Balance reasons, I’m not sure what it would be, but there would probably be some combination that would be completely overpowered. on top of that, Getting skins for doing the beta is one thing, but getting weapons with different stats for doing the beta seems kind of unfair to those who don’t do the beta.

  31. J4JOKER says:

    Oh come on that’s not fair at all, people who bought bullet storm get to play first and people who reserved gears 3 play on the 18th ???? that’s the point of beta testing to find the flaws in the game. PLZ PLZ PLZ lets us play on the 18th I want the flaming hammer burst PLZ lPLZ PLZ lets us play on the 18th

  32. J4JOKER says:

    I mean the people who reserved gears 3 play on the 25th we want to play on the 18th PLZ PLZ PLZ lets us play on the 18th

  33. Felix says:

    Wait so do i need This beta code because i have Bulletstorm Epic Edition

  34. josh says:

    im sick of epic yeah great game but people who payed for bulletstorm and had to put a deposit on gears of war 3 pre-order have to wait longer than the scavengers lookin for vip codes its fuckin wrong epic is fucked up.

    • Josh says:

      The only people that should have VIP codes are those that work in the gaming industry or are game critics.

      If you’ve been searching for it on the internet & are dumb enough to try it then have fun getting a virus on your comp & having your account hacked.

  35. Travis B says:

    I ended up getting a VIP code from DMZilla (Community Manager of XBL) So I’ve been playing the VIP only beta for a few days now. Its awesome! As far as i can tell with the GRL skin’s kills you have to either get them with the Lancer Bayonet Charge or simply down them and then shoot them with it. The rifles work MUCH better then in GoW2 and you dont now have to rely on just your Gnasher to get kills. Also, heads up to everyone who didnt play the Beta at PAX and havnt actually gottent their hands on it yet, deff try to master the Saw’d Off Shotgun as soon as possible. Its amazing, and SUPER effective when performing the new Mantle Kick feature. Other then that, hope to see some of you guys on!

  36. Taylor says:

    All these unlockables are great and also a great motivation for people to play.
    If you already have the Bulletstorm version with early access, but have also pre-ordered the game and got the additional code, then you should give that extra code to a friend. It’s not you will use that extra code anyway and you might help out someone else who wasn’t able to pre-order in time or just doesn’t have the money. But don’t auction it off ’cause that’s kinda rude.
    Plus this will probably help that person decide whether or not they want the game.

    See you all there:D

  37. Neal says:

    I know the early release for people who bought BulletStorm is April 18th, but will it be available at midnight, or do we have a firm time to start the killin??

    • Neal says:

      nm, got it, but I do have another queston. I have BulletStorm and I pre-ordered GOW3, will the key code for BulletStorm take me all the way to May 15th, or do I need to enter the code I got for the pre-order?

  38. sephiroth says:

    Does any one know if you can play with 2 people on one console like gears 2?

    • tyw3893 says:

      no…you can’t even have a second controller on while you are in the beta, otherwise a pop-up comes up saying you have to disconnect your other controler

  39. Ryan says:

    How come i am gettin the flaming lancer but not the flaming hammer burst.. like i bought bulletstorm and it says im on week 2..

  40. AceAssassin says:

    i already played like 30 matches today and i didnt get the flaming hammerburst
    wtf D:

  41. Skunky says:

    If you have played at least one full game you get the flaming hammerburst. You have to change the skin on the weapon in the multiplayer option screen. The same is done for the other skins as well.

  42. Jason says:

    Does anyone know if the stats you get on the beta transfere over because i already have over 250000 points.

  43. jason says:

    if you unlock everything will everything carry over to the game when it comes out?

  44. SilverNeon says:

    do the flaming guns carry over into gears 3?

    • xicLegacYcix says:

      u could only get the flame guns if u have the beta. it wont be in the actual game if u didnt play the beta. if u did play beta then you will get flame guns in the actual game

  45. does any one no if the kills and deaths that you get in the beta count in the full retail game ????????

  46. Skunky says:

    Flaming guns transfer over since your are a beta tester. The answers to most of these questions are given in the player stats section of gears 3 beta. The weapons tab and character tab give all the basic info and requirements for unlocks and carry overs.

  47. does your kill death ratio carry over to the retail game…

  48. GearsHead says:

    i will boost, add me on this account and ill send u a friend request on my real acc
    II R3tarded II

  49. Johnson says:

    1.) Pretty sure stats don’t carry over.

    2.) If you have a flaming lancer, then you were playing when the servers fuzzed up on the 18th, meaning you got a lancer instead of a hammerburst. Epic has already stated this and they WILL fix it before the beta is over.

    3.) You COULD get extra VIP codes from some Australian website, but there’s no more. The only way to get one now is by modding. (You WILL be server banned, says Epic).

    4.) Who boosts in a beta???

  50. Nick says:

    wait so all this will be carried over to the full game if u unlock them?

  51. xander ortoleva says:

    i hate the gnasher it has to much power and range and the sawed off should be a two shot also y r people already playing as kantes and using the flame guns when they arent unlocked yet some guy has a urban shotgun i want that but cant get it did they cheat or is their a special way to get it early

  52. dolo the don says:

    yeah me to dude i saw some1 playing as kantus and a urban gnasher shotgun also isaw some1 playing as barid also flaming lancer wtf how r these people getting these things…….also why isnt the a DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN SHOT 1 WTF IF ANYTHHING TONE DOWN THE POWER ON THE DOUBLE BARREL AND MAKE IT TO SHOTS T

  53. Steven says:

    Is there any system that keeps track of how many matches played, or how many kills you have with a certain gun?

  54. The Sire RBM says:

    boosting is gay if you people are so much garbage that you cant get 100 kills in a few weeks then you should not be playing this game in tha first place……I don’t need to boost I beast my name is my gamertag so hit me up if you wanna get it done legitimately. I’m Out…….

  55. Bob says:

    Damn got bulletstorm epic editon but went on holiday so can’t get flaming hammerburst

  56. Travis says:

    My beta still says it’s not available even though it was supposed to start an hour and a half ago. Did I do something wrong?

  57. bob says:

    got the epic edition but went on holiday so missed out on flaming hammerburst fuck

  58. bob says:

    shit soz about that comment wasnt sohing up so wrote it again

  59. tim says:

    Quick question: I have the gold retro lancer skin, do we have to actually equip it for it to count towards the 100 kills with the retro lancer?

    I would think once we played 90 matches and received 100 kills it wouldnt matter.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance

  60. gears fan says:

    i Think everyone that plays the beta should be able to unlock the flaming hammerburst in the full game but the people that did not buy bullet storm should be able to unlock it in the full game as long as they played the beta first

    By the way Bullet Storm is developed by EA gsmes not Epic Games the only reason epic had anything to do it is cause EA wanted to use the gears 3 beta to sell Bullet Storm so they agreed to make the epic edition so they would be able to use the gears 3 beta to sell it

  61. TE22ORWRIST says:

    Loving the beta so far! Really like the “spotting” feature, the new weapons are fantastic, the executions are insane! Epic is definitely living up to it’s name, because Gears of War 3 will be nothing short of EPIC….and this is just the beta!

  62. Tyler says:


    In order to unlock the Golden Retro Lancer in the retail version of the game, you must do the following:

    1. First, play 90 matches. Any matches of any game type in the beta.

    2. EQUIP the golden skin to your retro lancer.

    3. Get 100 kills USING the golden retro lancer. That means down them and shoot them, perform the retro lancer execution (you must unlock it by getting 25 kills with the retro lancer first. After unlocking the special execution, you must HOLD Y on a downed character with the retro lancer equipped to perform the execution), or spear them with the bayonet (hold B with the retro lancer equipped and charge into someone). USING HUMAN SHIELDS AND CURB STOMPING WILL NOT COUNT.

    Hope this clears things up for everyone.

  63. Dilweed says:

    So do the Urban weapons not transfer to the full game, or will they be unlockable in the full game or what?

    • anonamuys ya its mispelled says:

      Urban is for every one. Beta testers, retail players, and bullet storm owners alike.

  64. jake says:

    do you have to play the matches with the retro lancer or any gun while playing

  65. V e z z e x says:

    Really enjoying the beta at the moment. Great fun

  66. P IE A IN U T says:

    can you have a sliver membership and still play the beta online?

  67. Peyton says:

    How can I keep Cole Train and Damion Baird from the beta version to the full version when it is released?

    • Daniel says:

      To keep the Cole Train in the full game you have to play 10 matches using him as your character. I would not suggest Capture the Leader, because if you are the leader at the end of the match, it won’t count as playing with the Cole Train. You must play 40 matches to unlock the Cole Train in the beta, then select him as your character, and play 10 more.
      You do not have to do anything extra Damion Baird after unlocking him for the beta. I am not sure if he carries over at all. You will be able to unlock him in the full game if you don’t get him in the beta.

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